Torture 难熬

Cage 牢笼

GUI late 归晚人

Former  以前

Replace  取代

Old play book 旧戏书

Take the wrong 错牵

Lonely end 孤独结尾

And wine 且煮酒

The traveler 过客

Like to cry 喜哭

Sacrifice 祭奠

Love the dark 爱黑暗


City of old people 他城旧人

A paper book you dead 亡匿一纸锦书

The silent silence 不可遏制的沉默

The wind lost his eyes 风迷了眼

Buried in your heart 葬于你心

The cowardly people who 懦弱的失魂人

Lone wood is not a forest 孤木不成森

Half the world 半生浪迹天涯

Wine and flowers withered 酒撒花枯

Take the other person 负了他人

Put the cigarette throat 烟头搁咽喉

Letter lost in the wind 遗失在风中的信